Denver Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney

Christopher Bruce Charles

A Guide to Denver DUI Laws

Chris Charles is an experienced lawyer in Denver, Colorado, focusing on DUI cases in the Metro Denver area. In these articles, he talks about the consequences of DUI charges and highlights the importance of finding the right attorney to represent those arrested for driving under the influence.

How to Protect Your Rights in Your Denver DUI Case

No matter how many prior offenses you have or how strong the evidence is against you, when facing a DUI conviction, it's important to protect your rights.

How to Keep Your License If You Get A DUI in Denver

When faced with a DUI in Denver, there are many consequences. One that can have a drastic effect on your life is the revocation of your license and the loss of your right to drive.

How Time Can Affect Your Denver DUI Case

In DUI cases in Denver, there is limited time to protect your rights. It is important for you to act quickly when faced with this legal predicament.

How Serious is Your Denver DUI Case?

Understanding the seriousness of your DUI case in Denver can help alleviate some, if not all, of your concerns and help you come to terms with what you have to do to move on with your life.

The Consequences of a DUI in Denver

Facing a DUI conviction can be a scary time during which you question both your actions and your future. In the Denver area, there are a number of consequences to be aware of that can impact your decisions.