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Chris Charles is an experienced DUI attorney in Denver, Colorado. He represents clients throughout the Metro Denver area who have been accused of DUI or DWAI. Because Chris approaches cases one at a time, his clients know that he will take the time to completely explain both the charges they are facing and all of the legal options at their disposal.

In DUI and DWAI cases, the penalties can be serious, from loss of license to extended jail time. Make sure you are represented by a Denver DUI attorney with experience and a proven record like Chris Charles. Regardless of the offense, you deserve the right to be defended.

Chris is also certified in the standardized field sobriety tests (aka "Roadside Maneuvers").


Time is limited

With certain DUI charges, the time to protect your rights is limited (in some cases, as little as seven days) and you it is imperative for you to act immediately or else you may lose certain legal rights or privileges.

As a successful DUI attorney, Chris knows how to challenge Colorado DUI charges on the basis of a lack of probable cause, profiling, flawed testing procedures, defective testing equipment, and many other issues.

He will thoroughly review all of the evidence against you. To help you make an informed decision, Chris will completely explain all of the charges against you and all of your legal options. He understands the science behind the blood alcohol test, as well as how police make DUI arrests in the Metro Denver area.

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Recent Results

You need the help of an experienced DUI attorney on your side.

Just recently, Chris fought to obtain these results for his Denver area clients:

  • DUI >.2 Blood Alcohol Content pled to DWAI below .2 — No Jail
  • DWAI and Careless — Dismissed
  • DUID (Drugs) — Deferred Judgment
  • DUI 3rd Offense w/Accident — 45 days in home detention
  • DUID 2nd Offense & Motions — Dismissed By Judge

Protect your rights

Remember, it does not matter how many prior offenses you have, or how strong you believe the evidence against you is. Chris Charles is a DUI attorney who will protect your constitutional rights. Even a first offense can cause your driver's license to be revoked. For repeated offenses, the charges become increasingly severe, so you do not want to face the judge without a DUI attorney. Chris specializes in reducing jail time, avoiding license revocation, and reduction of license points in DUI and DWAI cases in the Metro Denver area.

Chris Charles is there for you when you need him. He will take calls in the evenings and on weekends, and is also available for evening appointments.

FREE First DUI Consultation

Your first DUI consultation is FREE. When you need the help of an experienced DUI attorney, and you figure out a time that is convenient for you, call Chris Charles: 303-859-0824

They are your rights. Make sure you protect them.

A Guide to Denver DUI Laws explains the consequences of DUI and the importance of finding the right attorney.